Anton Ferdinand has sparked his career back to life

There was a period of time when Anton Ferdinand just didn’t seem to get things right as his career appeared to be going downhill.

Back in August of 2013, the English defender signed a 3 year long contract with Antalyaspor but he only remained with the club for 1 season before eventually being released by the Turkish team.

Ferdinand would later go on to join the Championship club Reading on a free transfer but it took him 3 months before he could actually play in a single game for the English team and this was due to an injury which was forcing him out of the pitch for a extensively long period of time.

The 30 year old defender has completed his recovery and Ferdinand has managed to get back into the pitch and perform with his Reading teammates on a consistent, this is something that he’s grateful for as Ferdinand stated that his first season with the Championship league club was a disaster because he couldn’t perform at all but now that those injuries days are over, he’s happy just to be in the pitch and play.

Reading’s Anton Ferdinand said: “I’m delighted just to be playing. Last season was a grim season for me. Something that I’ve never experienced before. “It was embarrassing. Turning up to games every week with people asking me are you going to be fit next week?

“Having come with a reputation of someone who had played in the Premier League and knowing what I could bring to the squad but not being able to do it, it was horrible for me.So for people to now see what I can bring to the squad is good.”

Anton Ferdinand is now a consistent starter for Reading and this is excellent news for a club that is trying to secure a spot back into the Premier League and will need all the help they can get in order to accomplish this mission.