Former Senegal international El-Hadji Diouf in one player who will not be sending his farewell message even after Steven Gerrard announced his retirement from football.

The African previously blamed the failure of French striker Mario Balotelli on the former Reds star. As the Ex-Three Lions player announced his retirement after being released by LA Galaxy, Diouf slammed the player again.

“When I arrived, I showed him that he was nothing. I asked him, ‘what great competition have you played and where do people remember you?’ it wasn’t [Zinedine] Zidane,” Diouf told SFR Sport.

Diouf, who blamed Gerrard for “killing his team by slipping against Chelsea,” disclosed that he respected the player in Gerrard but not his personality.

“The player, I respect him. He’s a great player. But the man and the person not. I let him know. For me, he was a player like everyone else. He had to keep up well, and play as he knew how to go, but don’t go to the coach to report what happens in the dressing room,” Diouf said.
Diouf claims that Gerrard was scared of him after their clash at Anfield.

“He knows that I don’t mince words. He did not look in my eyes because he was afraid. And he was afraid to speak to me. And when I arrived Liverpool, it was he who asked me for my jersey, not the opposite,” the 35-year old player said of Gerrard.

Diouf hit at the 36-year old Englishman saying he carried the Senegalese national team for years. He said he was the hero and villain when the team lost as 14 million fans looked up to him. Diouf blamed Gerrard if the club never won a Premier League. The player wrote off his time at Sunderland, claiming Anton Ferdinand was the “number one w*****” in the team at the time. The player spent time at Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers and Sunderland whilst he played in the Premier League.