Ferdinand Praises Dele Alli

If you have been following the comments that Anton Ferdinand has been made on different social media platforms the recent ones are about Dele Alli of Tottenham and good thing about him. Anton Ferdinand is a former player for West Ham.

This time he had good things to say about the star of Tottenham Hotspur. Indeed, comments made by former players about upcoming star players are what makes others sit up and take notice. You would probably not have heard of Dele Alli or the contributions he has been made to his team’s games. He is being considered a rising star of Tottenham Hotspur.

Anton Ferdinand on the other hand, has been a defender in the Premier League and today he is considered a pundit in many circles. He recently gave an interview for ESPN and paid a tribute to the works of Dele Alli, who is considered a star from Tottenham Spur. This player, only 20 years of age, is a recent addition to the team.

However, he is having a great breakthrough season this year. He has scored about 10 times as well as helping to set up 12 goals which led to him being selected for the young player of the year award as well. These are considerable achievements for the player who is barely out of graduation levels. He flaunts toughness on the field in the midfield position that he plays which works for him as well as an advantage for his team.

He did come into conflict with other club players before like the tiff he had with a West Ham player last year, which led to him being banned for the next three consecutive matches. Today, however, his club is able to turn his aggression into good use and it definitely helps the club in getting the wins more and more.