QPR defender and brother of Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand – Anton Ferdinand – has refused to criticise the decision taken by England manager Roy Hodgson to omit his brother from the squad that travelled to the Euro 2012.

This has become a major issue in England after many have suspected that Roy Hodgson has decided to leave Rio Ferdinand in favour of Chelsea captain and defender John Terry, according to the Man Utd news website. It was very much expected that there would be a lot of animosity in the England dressing room if both these players were taken together. The 33-year-old Rio Ferdinand has been in excellent form for Manchester United in the last few weeks of the campaign.

Anton Ferdinand, though, refused to criticise the decision taken by Roy Hodgson because he felt that it was not a decision taken on the skin colour, but a decision taken based on the level of playing in recent seasons. Rio Ferdinand has suffered a number of injury problems for Manchester United this season. It has also been one of the reasons for Manchester United failing to win a trophy for the first time in four seasons. Ferdinand has said that he has forgotten the incident with Fernando Torres‘s team-mate because he has moved on in life.

“Things happen in football. It’s a game of ups and downs. I am sure he’d like to be there but sadly it didn’t happen this time. But we move on and, like he said, he’s going to follow them from somewhere else and, as a family and as a community, we’re going to do that,” Anton Ferdinand told Daybreak.

“It might be an issue – but it’s an issue I’m happy to talk about when the tournament is over maybe. We are here to talk about the tournament and about the future and that’s it,” said FA chairman David Bernstein.


It is unfortunate that Anton Ferdinand, who has had a solid first season for relegation survivors QPR, will be better remembered for his confrontation with Chelsea captain John Terry rather than any of his performances this season.

Terry who stands trial in July is accused of racially abusing Ferdinand during a QRP home game in October. Since this event Ferdinand has received what he described as “extreme treatment” since accusing Terry of the racial abuse.

Ferdinand has not only suffered at the hands of cruelty in the shape of terrace chants but more threatening and sinister forms of victimisation has occurred in the forms of personal letters and death threats aimed at the 27 year old defender. Anton Ferdinand has done well not to let this get the better of him and continues to behave in a dignified and professional manner, but he has spoken out on how black player who have been at the centre of these racism disputes have been treated, by fans and the press.

The QPR defender has been strongly supported by older brother and Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand, whose teammate Patrice Evra was racially abused by Liverpool striker Suarez. Had Rio not been injured late in the season England Manager Roy Hodgson would have had a difficult decision to make on picking Terry and Ferdinand together after the unsavoury situation with Rio’s brother.

Regardless of the decision that Terry receives in July, it would be a disgrace to see the abuse directed at Anton Ferdinand continue and should Terry be found guilty, there needs to be a significant punishment installed to take this out of football for good as it has been a far too common feature this season and needs properly addressing by the FA.


QPR manager Neil Warnock has said that Anton Ferdinand has just fled his home after receiving a number of deaths from angry Chelsea supporters. A confrontation has been going on between QPR defender Anton Ferdinand and Chelsea captain John Terry over alleged racism.

It is thought that John Terry provoked Anton Ferdinand with racist abuse during their 1-0 win a few months ago. The FA and the London police have charged John Terry regarding this issue, but it seems that Chelsea fans recognise that John Terry has done no wrong. Anton Ferdinand has been receiving death threats on Twitter, but it has been taken to another new level after the former Sunderland star had to leave his home in order to protect himself.

Chelsea lost the match 1-0 and there were some high tensions during the match. Chelsea had seven players booked and two players sent off in the match. Even though there has not been any official evidence showing John Terry racially abusing Anton Ferdinand, the former Sunderland defender has said that John Terry did abuse him racially. John Terry seems to have recovered from the issue since then, as he has been playing regularly. However, Anton Ferdinand has not been able to do the same for QPR, as many regard him to have cheated in this issue.

“He’s had a lot on his plate, really. You never know how things like this affect people. Before the [Manchester] City game, he had to move out of his house at 8pm – so that was not a good preparation for him. There were all sorts of things going on behind the scenes. I felt sorry for him,” QPR manager Neil Warnock said regarding the predicament faced by Anton Ferdinand over the alleged racist abuse from John Terry.