Anton Ferdinand’s brother Rio says that the injury that happened to Cristiano Ronaldo was not a fault of Dimitri Payet.

Payet was involved in the tackle which caused the injury and cut short the presence of the Portugal skipper on the pitch.

Some people, including the mum of the Blancos player, are taking on Payet, but, Rio, a one-time teammate of Ronaldo, is not of the opinion that there was any intention of the Frenchman to do what happened.

Rio said, “It was unintentional. You are supposed to tackle your opponent and the method of tackling was fine. He was looking to make his presence felt to Cristiano. There was nothing you can criticize him for. Everyone was sad to see Cristiano having to leave like that, but, it’s bad luck. He had his shoes getting stuck in the pitch and his left leg buckled damaging the knee the most.”

Ryan Giggs, another one-time teammate of Ronaldo, echoed Rio and said the reason the replays are making people feel Payet was at fault was that he was doing something he does not do often which is tackling.

As per Giggs, Payet is an attacking player and is not quite specialised in tackling which the defenders or the holding midfielders happen to be and thus, is looking ungainly on that occasion.
The night was the first of its kind for Ronaldo as he was representing his country in the maiden final and obviously, he didn’t want to give up easily after the blow. The winger made repeated tries to keep going, but, had to accept the fate at last.

The night however still remained Ronaldo’s night as his teammates did the impossible by downing the doubly powerful hosts by 1 goal to none.